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Superhero Tactics is a PC turn-based tactical role playing strategy game currently in development that lets the player recruit, manage & fight with teams of superheroes and mercenaries, who have their own unique lives, powers & personalities.

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Superhero Tactics Saga is an upcoming animated series based on the game, characters and world of Superhero Tactics.

More details coming soon...

WHAT IS Superhero Tactics?

Superhero Tactics is an upcoming turn based tactical game for the PC that allows the player to recruit, manage and fight with a team of memorable superheroes & mercenaries

With the convenience of a time walker on your team you can 'walk back' time if you are unhappy with the outcome of a fight or the state of affairs in the world. 

With various political factions fighting over the scattered living superweapons, you will need to recruit these powerful foreigners to your team before another country does.


The player will broker alliances, conduct investigations, build customized battle suits, imprison super criminals and time travel to the future in order to prepare for the coming war.

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  • Time Travel into the past or the future.

  • Manage investigations of stolen nuclear warheads, super criminals, kidnapped politicians and much more.

  • Have your Martial Artist train your Telepath so that she can help against the robot army.
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  • Make choices by responding to emails.

  • Monitor a news website to see international developments.

  • When a superhero dies use a QR-code to order a poster that shows all the highlights of your character's life.

  • Ignore emails from the Office of the President of the Unites States.

  • Look at analytics and determine which one of your Superhero may be hiding a drug addiction.


SuperHero Tactics is still in early development.  This is not representative of the final version of the game.

  • Punch your opponent through a wall.

  • Time Travel

  • Turn-based flight done correctly.

  • Many different Martial Arts skills.


One night in 2019, Rusty Richards, one of the world’s most beloved musicians, vanished from the deck of his yacht without a trace. 
Two years later when he suddenly reappears, every news outlet in the country wants to sit down with him for his first interview.  Instead, he gives a press conference and insists on an international audience to hear him deliver an unbelievable message to the world. According to Richards—apparently suffering from some kind of delusion—the inhabitants of Earth are directly responsible for the genocide of an alien species, several light years away. As a result, four intergalactic civilizations have formed an alliance, hell-bent on the invasion, occupation and atmospheric transformation of Earth.  This armada of 3 highly militarized alien species will arrive in precisely 2472 days (just under 7 years from now).

To a backdrop of near universal mockery, Rusty Richards adds that the alien race known as The Grays are aware of the destruction headed towards earth and have decided to help us defend ourselves using genetic manipulation to turn selected humans into living super-weapons (aka LSWs).

United States

In compliance with the United States of America's love affair with capitalism, the US government hires Vaughn Galloway a popular internet entrepreneur and philanthropist turned military contractor.  Vaughn Galloway's paramilitary organization FIST
(First Infantry Strike Team) hold the only 
government contract that recruit, contain or eliminate any LSWs on US soil.


After experiencing what the Indian government refers to as, 'The Epiphany', retired Colonel Raghavan Reddy, was the clear choice to identify, recruit and train the country's living superweapon population. With the mission of protecting the country from dangers inside and outside of India, this is the 2nd largest living superweapon organization in the world.  This team designated by the United Nations as
Establishment 24.


Kaiser Eziobi, one of the world's most beloved politicians is the clear choice to be the next chairperson of the African Union (AU).  His rise to power can be partially attributed to his political political promise to provide one laptop for every African child within 5 years. Chairman Eziobi is in possession of a psionic symbiote that is melded with his nervous system providing him with a small array of psionic abilities.


Coming soon...



Time Travel

Time travel to the future before facing impossible odds.

Time travel to the past after a loss.

During the tactical portion of the game, the player takes control of individual mercenaries in turn-based combat. The more successful heroic acts will be rewarded with Fame, hurting civilians will cost Fame.  The player will not always have access to their favorite characters due to them having personal.

The game puts the player in control of an organization of mercenaries & super humans with special abilities that must recruit vigilantes, fight super criminals & go on covert operations towns and territories from enemy forces. As the game advances, the player can hire new mercenaries and acquire better weapons and armor to combat opponents. The game utilizes a map screen to show the map of the world and issue high-level orders to the units. During tactical combat the player takes control of individual superheroes and mercenaries during real-time interactions and turn-based combat.


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